Welcome Packet

Polio Epic Welcome Packet

The Polio Epic Welcome Packet contains a number of documents to help educate and inform post-polio survivors. We have attempted to be as thorough as possible, and we regularly update the package, add new items, and remove items no longer accurate/relevant/or of interest.

The entire packet can be downloaded here. 

Individual packet items may be downloaded individually by using this Table of Contents:

Introduction Letter


PPS 101

PPS in 2 minutes

The battle continues

PPS Fact Sheet

Pain Relief

Anesthesia Update Separating Fact and Fiction

Information to give to Anesthesiologist

exercise guidelines for Polio survivors

Exercise and the Polio Survivor

Breathing Issues

Dr Bach ER procedures for Motor Neuron Disease

SSA PPS guidelines

Recognizing Typical Coping Styles

Dear Pain

Polio Above the Neck

Cold Intolerance

Hypoglycemia diet