Organization Profile

Polio Epic was founded in 1985. We still have the original founders within our organization and have grown and evolved over the years. Today we have this website, a newsletter that goes to over 400 individuals throughout the world, and we have regular meetings that are quite well attended.

We offer additional services to our members, which include support, guidance, and teaching our “Post Polio 101″ grant funded class to create awareness within the medical and general community. We are members of Post-Polio Health International, and keep up-to-date with medical research and information regarding Post Polio Syndrome. Our organization is run by volunteers who are either survivors of polio, or friends and family members of polio survivors. We have a board of directors that are willing to guide the organization in any direction that the general membership needs.


President – Jim Coleman
Secretary – Marty Cutler
Treasurer – Micki Minner


Marty Baldwin
Frank Frisina
Barbara Stough
Linda Carey
Joanne Yager


Newsletter Editor

Micki Minner


Jim Coleman


Our friend Al Guevara, of Tucson WordPress Tutor, did our conversion to WordPress in 2015, and is the host of our website.